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Related article: Lord Crewe's b. f. Duchesse De Berry, 8sL 41b M. Cannon 3 II to 10 agst. Our Grace. The Great Cheshire Handicap Stakes of 900 sovs. ; one mile and a quarter. Mr. Dobell's b. h. Sligo, by Dun- combe — Springthorn, 5 yrs., 8st. I2lb....i O. Madden 1 Sir John Thursb/s br. h. Trevor, 5 yrs., 8sL I lib. Mr. G. Thursby 2 Sir E. Vincent's ch. c. Bonnebosq, 4 yrs., 7st. I2ib T. Loates 3 5 to I agst. Sligo. KEMPTON PARK.— Spring Meeting. May 5th.— The Royal Two-Year-Old Plate of 2,360 sovs. ; five furlongs, on the Straight Course. Mr. D. Fraser's b. f. Emotion, by Nunthorpe— Emita, 8st. 31b. N. Robinson 1 Lord W. Beresford's ch. g. Demo- crat, 8st. 61b Sloan 2 Lord Rosebery's bl. c. Bonnie Lad, 8st. 61b C Wood 3 6 to I agst. Emotion. The Kempton Park May Handicap of 825 sovs. ; one mile and a half. Prince Soltykoffs b. h. Tarbolton, by Ayrshire — Radiancy, 5 yrs., 7st. olb C Wood 1 Duke of Westminster's b. c. Cal- veley, 4 yrs., 8sL i2lb. M. Cannon 2 Duke of Devonshire's b. c. Neish, 4 yrs., 7st. X2lb O. Madden 3 100 to 7 agst. Tarbolton. May 6th. — The Kempton Park Great Jubilee Slakes (Handicap) of 2,215 sovs. ; Jubilee Course. Lord W. Beresford's b. h. Knight of the Thistle, by Rosebery — Empress Maud, 6 yrs., Sst. 41b. ]. Sloan 1 Mr. Houldsworth's b. c. Greenan, 4 yrs., 7st A. Pratt 2 Mr. H. V. Long's ch. c. Loral Edward II., 3 yrs., 7st. 31b. T. Loates 3. 9 to 2 agst. Knight of the Thistle. NEWMARKET.— Second Spring Meeting. May 9th.— The Somerville Stakes of 677 sovs., for two-year-olds; Rous Course (five furlongs). Mr. E. Cassel's ch. f. Sonatura, by Amphion — Albertine, 9st. lib. S. Loates 1 Mr. Russel's b. f. Emotion, ost. Robinson 2 Mr. C. S. Newton's b. c Evasit, 8st. 5lb Segrott 3 8 to I agst. Sonatura. The Newmarket Handicap of 405 sovs. ; last mile and a half of Cesare- witch Course. Lord W. Beresford's ch. c. Grodno, by Gamin — Georgina, 4 yrs., 8st. 2lb. Sloan I Mr. E. H. Baldock's b. h. St. Fort, 5 yrs., 7st. 7lb. ...Allsopp 2 Sir E. Vincent's ch. c. Bonnebosq, 4 yrs., 7st. 71b T. Loates 3. 5 to 2 agst. Grodno. 4 8o BAILY S MAGAZINE. DOTBt May ioth.— The Newmarket Stakes of 3,196 so vs., for three-year-olds; colts, 9st. ; fillies, 8st. I lib. ; A.F. (one mile and two furlongs, straight). Mr. P. Lorillard's b. or br. c. Generic Mirtazapine Dominie II., by Sensation — Dolores, 9st Sloan I Mr. J. £. Piatt's ch. c. Kent, ost. O. Madden 2 Mr. Wallace Johnstone's b. c Harrow, 9st J. Watts 3 9 to 4 agst. Dominie II. May nth.— The Breeders' Plate of 494 so vs., for two-year-olds ; Rous Course (five furlongs). Sir R. Waldie Griffiths' b. f. Vain Duchess, by Isinglass — Sweet Duchess, 8st. 61b Sloan 1 Mr. Russell's b. f. Tiresome, 8st. 81b. Allsopp 2 Captain Laing's br. f. Papdale, »st. 31b. F. Finlay 3 13 to 8 on Vain Duchess. The Payne Stakes of 670 so vs., for three-year-olds; R.M. (1 mile n yards). Lord W. Beresford's ch. c. Caiman, by Locohatchee — Happy Day, 9»t. 5U> Sloan 1 Captain Laing's br. Purchase Mirtazapine Online c. Footpad II., 9st. 3IK W. Bradford 2 Mr. Arthur James' b. g. Sinopi, 8st. 9lb O. Madden 3 6 to I on Caiman. The Bedford Two- Year-Old Plate of 690 sovs. for two-year-olds; Rous Course (five furlongs). Mr. Arthur James' ch. g. O'Dono- van Rossa, by Donovan, dam by Barcaldine— Symmetry, 8st. 4lb. O. Madden 1 Lord W. Beresford's ch. g. Demo- crat, 8st. 7lb Sloan 2 Mr. J. S. Curtis' ch. c. Star of Hanover, Sst. 41b. ...M. Cannon 3 2 to 1 agst. O'Donovan Rossa. GATWICK.— Spring Meeting. May 1 2th. — The Alexandra Handicap of 877 sovs. ; six furlongs. Lord W. Beresford's ch. h. Berzak, by Sensation— Belphcebe, 5 yrs., Sst. 31b Sloan 1 Mr. J. Tyler's b. h. St. Noel, 6 yrs., 7st. 7lb S. Loates 2 Mr. H. Bottomle/s b. h. Northern Farmer, 5 yrs., 8st. 2lb. F. Finlay 3